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Vintage Computers

I have been working on vintage computers for about eight years now. Most of my experience with vintage PCs is with the x86 architecture. I am more of a hardware guy than anything else. Software work has never been my cup of tea, though I have dabbled in it. I have hands-on experience with 8088, Socket 3, Socket 7, Slot 1, Socket 370, Socket 462, Socket 478, Socket 754, Socket 939, and Socket 775 based systems.


I am still very new to Quake compared to the awesome people I play against. At the time of writing, I have 432 hours in Quake Live, probably 70 hours in Quake III Arena, and around 100 hours in Quake singleplayer. I got into Quake through my work on vintage PCs, as for a time all versions of Quake were extremely strenuous on PC hardware and made for excellent benchmarks. I decided to give Quake a shot on its own merit, and found that I loved it! I have definitely improved since I started, however I am a small fry. Some of the people I play against are absolutely terrifying, and I feel much like an average joe trying to fight a terminator :D

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